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About Us

Quokka Studios Pty Ltd is a software development studio, based in Sydney, Australia.

Quokka Studios formed in 2009 to build applications for the mobile market. Our staff have a high level of experience, with development experience across a number of platforms, much of this for the demanding financial sector.

We are devoted to producing high quality applications for the iPhone®, iPad® and other mobile platforms. As well as creating our own original applications, we partner with others to bring their ideas to the mobile market, and create applications for businesses and individuals on a contract basis.

For information about services we may be able offer to your business, please see ourour Services page.

What is a Quokka?

The quokka is small marsupial, similar to a small wallaby (or small kangaroo). The impact of habitat destruction and introduced predators now means that they are a vulnerable species and are found only in restricted areas on the west coast of Australia and coastal islands off Western Australia.

For more information, see Wikipedia.


Quokka (Setonix brachyurus) from "Mammals of Australia", by John Gould, 1863.
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