Apocalyptic (2014)

Movie: Apocalyptic

Director: Glenn Triggs

Actors: Jane Elizabeth Barry, David Macrae, Geoff Pinfield, Tom McCathie, Rachel Torrance, Ashleigh Gregory, Zoe Imms, Janice Paull, Natalia Nespeca, Donna Cleverley, Nalini Vasudevan, Felicity Steel, Meghan Scerri, Lauren Adams, Cameron Box

Genres: Horror, Drama

Country: Australia

Release Year: 2014

Duration: 84 min

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  • Storyline
Journalist Jodie Black and her cameraman Kevin Horner head deep into unclaimed forest land in a bid to uncover the truth surrounding a bizarre doomsday cult, the 'Bytherainians'. What they discover is shocking beyond their wildest imaginings. Part BLAIR WITCH part WICKER MAN, APOCALYPTIC is one of the creepiest and unforgettable horror experiences in years.
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