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The Panopticon has control of the Great Machines and over the minds of men. Join the fight to bring down the Panopticon and free humanity from slavery to the machines.

Panopticon provides a unique gameplay experience that uses the full capabilities of the iPad's multitouch display - control disks by using up to eight fingers at once to complete 100 levels that are both mental and physical challenges. Experience a whole new way to use your iPad.

Steampunk-inspired environments and music by acclaimed steampunk band "Vernian Process" create an engaging experience.

Features of Panopticon:

  • 100 levels to master in story mode, including five intense boss battles
  • Unlimited play in speed mode with OpenFeint high scores
  • OpenFeint achievements
  • Steampunk theme
  • Atmospheric music by acclaimed steampunk band "Vernian Process".


  • Take your time to plan your approach to a level. Consider your initial finger placement carefully- this can be crucial to completing a level successfully. Even the placement of the iPad can be important.
  • Once you've "picked up" a disk, you can slide your finger away from the disk, even if you haven't picked up all disks- this can help you to pick up multiple disks more easily and is crucial in boss battles and speed mode.
  • You can release disks briefly to swap fingers, but be quick or they'll get away from you
  • Get inventive- we'd love to hear of interesting approaches to solving levels
  • For kids: try having two kids work co-operatively to solve more difficult levels.

What Reviewers are saying: "...the sheer uniqueness of the game experience is difficult to resist. Panopticon engages not just the mind, but the whole body." - Slide To Play (8/10)

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