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Strimko Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t open the Bonus pack.
A: Initially the Bonus pack is locked. Complete all puzzles in the Core pack to unlock it.

Q: I’ve downloaded a paid pack, but it’s not showing up in the list of packs as unlocked.
A: Click on the button at the top right of the Select Pack screen to check for previously downloaded packs. Note you will need network access and may need to provide your iTunes login information. If the pack is still locked, then go through the pack download process again- iTunes will not charge you twice for the same download.

Q: I’ve switched devices and packs I’ve previously downloaded aren’t available to me.
A: For paid packs, follow the instructions in the previous answer. For free packs, just download them again. Your previous progress will be lost when you switch devices.

Q: I don’t think that puzzle X is solvable.
A: All puzzles are extensively checked and have unique solutions that can be found by logical means. If you need help progressing with a puzzle, you can always click on the Hint button.

Q: How do I find out more about how to solve Strimko puzzles?
A: See the in-app help. For more advanced tactics, see the Strimko Solver’s Guide at www.strimko.com/guide/

Q: How can I place pencil marks in a puzzle?
A: Click on a cell to bring up the selector. Click on the centre button on the selector to toggle between placing numbers and pencil marks. Note that you can place/remove multiple pencil marks at once. Click off the selector to hide it.

Q: What does the Hint button do?
A: If you click the Hint button, then any incorrectly filled cells are highlighted with red text. If there are no incorrectly filled cells, then the value of an unfilled cell is given to you. The hint that is given is a cell that can logically be determined from the current position (they’re not random). Note that clicking Hint adds one minute to the puzzle timer as a penalty.

Q: I can’t understand why a particular hint was given when I clicked on the Hint button?
A: See the Solver’s Guide (see previous answer) for some solving strategies you may want to try. The hints that are given are cells that can logically be determined from the current position. Note that hinted spaces may be as a result of working with pencil marks, possibly over more than one step. If you’re not pencil-marking the puzzle and you’re not following the reasons for hints, then try pencil-marking first. For harder puzzles, this will be essential to solve the puzzles.

Q: I can’t work out how to control the app.
A: Tap and hold for about a second and a half for the help screen. Gesture controls aren’t available while in the help screens. Alternatively, have a look through the user manual, on the Support page or look at the YouTube video demo.
Q: I’ve been playing for only 2 minutes, but the timer says 4 minutes. Why?
A: If you use the Hint button, you incur a one minute time penalty.

Q: The Hint button is greyed out and unavailable.
A: Hints have been disabled. These can be reenabled in the Options screen.

Q: How do I pause the game?
A: Click on the game timer at the bottom of the screen.

Q: How do I adjust the volume of in-game sounds?
A: Go into the Options screen, and adjust down the slider for “In-game sounds volume”. This is adjusted relative to your overall “Master Volume”. You can also disable in-game sounds altogether from this same screen.

Q: I have a suggestion for enhancements to the app.
A: Send us your suggestion.

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